charge controller 10 A [PWM]



                CHARGER CONTROLLER 

Product features : Built in LED driver with time and light control function12V,24V automatic identificationVoltage and current regulationPWM controlCurrent compensated load disconnectionAutomatic load reconnectionTemperature compensationMonthly maintenance charge

Displays Multifunction LED DisplayMulti-coloured LED3 LEDs show operating states-for operation, state of charge, fault messages

Certificates : Compliant with European Standards (CE)Made in china

Quick Details❖ Model Number: PWM122410❖ Application: Solar System Controller❖ Rated Voltage: 12/24VDC,auto recognition❖ Maximum Current: 30A❖ Color: Optional❖ Charge current: 10A❖ System voltage: 12/24VDC,auto recognition❖ Control Mode: PWM solar controller❖ End of charge voltage: 13.3V/29.6V❖ Boost charge voltage: 14.4V(28.8V)❖ Equalisation charge: 14.7v(29.4V)❖ Reconnection voltage(LVR): 12.5V(25V)❖ Deep discharge protection(LVD): 11.5V(23V)❖ Protection function: reverse connection,short circuit,overcharge,ant charge protection


Characterisation of the operating performance  
System voltage  12V(24V)
Nominal power  250W(500W)
Max. efficiency  ›98%
Own consumption  20mA
DC input side  
MPP voltage  15V(30V) ‹Vmodule‹‹100V
Open circuit voltage solar module  17V…100V(24V…100V)
Module current  48A
DC output side  
Charge current  40A
Load current  10A
End of charge voltage 13.9V(27.8V)
Boost charge voltage  14.4V(28.8V)
Equalisation charge  14.7v(29.4V)
Reconnection voltage(LVR) 12.5V(25V)
Deep discharge protection(LVD) 11.5V(23V)
Operating conditions  
Ambient temperature  -25 ºC…+40 ºC
Fitting and construction  
Terminal(fine/single wire)  16mm²/25mm²-AWG6/4
Degree of protection IP 68
Dimension(X x Y x Z)  210*125*50mm
Weight 1.2kg







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